New COVID Shipping Policy

We are aware that postal services worldwide are not as reliable as normal during this COVID19 pandemic and that delivery times have started to increase. We are also aware that there has probably not been a more important time for our clients to have regular access to HDC and we have been trying to develop methods that would allow longer shipping times. Unfortunately, we have not been able to significantly increase the amount of time the HDC live in the shipping fluid.

However, starting on the 9th April, we have started to add significantly more HDC to each vial we send out. We already know that the HDC die off gradually with time, which is why we have, until now, only allowed 11 days for shipping. However, by adding 30-40% more HDC to each vial, we can allow for the drop in live HDC expected after 11 days, and still ensure you have at least the number of HDC you order even if your vial takes 14 days to reach you. Those people who receive their vials within the normal 11 days will simply benefit from a few extra HDC.

To repeat:  starting from the 9th April we have been sending out up to 40% more HDC with each vial allowing up to 14 days shipping.  Refunds or replacement vials will only be given now after 14 days, until such time as the postal services go back to normal.

With regards to possible transmission of COVID19, the virus is thought to only survive up to 3 days at the most on surfaces, so in nearly all cases this is not an issue. However, while continuing to maintain the strict cleaning procedures we already use for production of the HDC, which would kill any bacterial or viral contamination, we are also taking further precaution buy sterilising all shipping materials with very strong UCV light before dispatching these from the laboratory. While probably unnecessary, it seems sensible when we have the facilities to easily do this.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your families during this awful period, we hope you stay safe and healthy.