It's time to diversify your biome!

Our biome, the life within our personal ecosystem, is missing many of the organisms that were present in our ancestors and that are still living today in many people in less developed countries. Our mission is to restore your biome to a more natural state to help maintain good health. We provide HDC, a higher organism (a helminth), which helps complete your intestinal ecosystem and provides diversity that bacterial probiotics alone cannot.

Restore your biome... nature intended

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How It Works

How It Works

“In some not too distant futurity, there may come a day when we all take ‘helminth supplements’ along with our Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins,  and whatever else goes to make up a modern balanced diet.”

Zaccone, P., Fehervari, Z., Phillips, J. M., Dunne, D. W., Cooke, A. (2006).
Parasitic worms and inflammatory diseases. Parasite Immunology, 28: 515.

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We have updated our payment processor for all payment processing. If you have an existing subscription that is more than a few weeks old, we will be contacting you shortly to ask that you change your subscription to the new payment method. If you would like to update it before …

Price Increases 2022

We will be increasing prices on 25th July. We will be increasing the price of a vial by between £2 to £3 for all vial sizes on subscription. While we are never happy increasing prices, I am happy to say these increases are well below inflation despite a very large …