• Our HDC are produced in a dedicated laboratory specifically designed for the production of HDC. The laboratory is run by Dr. Marc Dellerba, PhD, who has over 15 years of laboratory experience, 10 of those years working in NHS Pathology.
  • Our HDC are prepared under clean laboratory conditions ensuring they are free from contamination.
  • We have strict quality control procedures for all steps of HDC production. It is impossible to ensure viable HDC production without appropriate quality control and we are the only company that can offer this assurance with our HDC.
  • Each batch of HDC is checked for viability before they are sent to customers, and each batch has further quality control testing to ensure HDC remain viable during storage.
  • HDC are fragile living organisms that will die after a few hours following isolation unless they are maintained in very specific solutions containing nutrients for the HDC. Experiments have demonstrated that only 60% of HDC survive 24 hours in a simple saline solution.
  • Our shipping solution was developed by us (via research we conducted at Lancaster University, UK) and contains the natural salts, amino acids, sugars and organic acids the HDC require.
  • Preparation of our HDC involves repeated washing and purification steps, including the use of antibiotics and antifungals, before the HDC are packaged for shipping.
  • To best ensure no contamination, there are trace amounts of antibiotics and antifungal compounds in the shipping solution for HDC being shipped abroad. The compounds used are not absorbed by humans following ingestion and are present in such tiny amounts that they have absolutely no therapeutic effect.
  • We have worked with the UK’s government regulatory agency, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to ensure HDC are legally produced in the UK as a non-pharmaceutical product.



Dr. Dellerba works in a laminar flow hood to reduce possible contamination

Isolating HDC

Biome Restoration follows strict quality control procedures for every batch of HDC we produce and ship