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Small increase in courier service pricing

We have recently contacted everyone by email who uses the courier services letting them know that unfortunately we have had to increase the cost of the courier service by £4. Thank you to everyone who replied. There is a small group of people who have not replied and we just …

SHIPPING DATES for Christmas 2023

All orders due to be shipped the week beginning 18th December will be sent on Wednesday 20th December. All orders due to be shipped the week beginning 25th Dec will be sent on Thursday 28th December. We made these changes with the aim of incurring the minimum disruption to shipping …

Payment Processing Update

On Friday February 10th I contacted everyone who has a subscription and who’s payment was still being processed by Authorize (Cybersource). It is essential that we change all subscriptions so that payments are processed by a company called Stripe, this will allow us to comply with EU/UK banking security protocols, …

Email Security

Our email was compromised on Thursday, we were able to secure our email address within a few minutes once we were aware of what was happening, however the hackers did obtain email addresses and sent out requests for credit card details. We will never ask you to send your …

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