Change to Shipping Dates Over the Holidays

Please be aware that we will be changing the shipping days over the holiday period to try and minimise any effect on shipping times caused by bank holidays. All subscriptions due between the 16th December and 22nd of December will be sent on the 20st of December. All subscriptions due between 23rd of December and the 29th December will be sent on the 28th December. Shipping will return to normal after this. These changes should mean subscriptions are sent either one day early or one day later than normal and should help to minimise disruption and the effect of public holidays.

As is the case every year, the Post Office and USPS do struggle with the increased amount of mail. So please be aware post may be slower than normal, however there should not be delays long enough to cause problems. Colette will be sending tracking information as normal and if you have any worries or issues with shipping dates please contact Colette at Courier shipping has been normal for this time of year, and while shipping times can be slightly slower than normal, we are not seeing any significant delays.

We are aware that the intermittent postal strikes by the Post Office in the UK is causing some issues with tracked Air Mail. Nearly all mail is being delivered as normal, although we are seeing some small delays as is normal for the time of year, but we are also seeing some packages where the tracking information is not being updated quickly or in some cases updated at all. If you are concerned about your package progress please contact us at any time at, we will do everything we can to ensure minimal disruption.

Best seasonal wishes from myself and Colette to all our customers, we hope 2023 is a happy and healthy year for you all. Marc and Colette. Biome Restoration Ltd.