We are changing the company that processes payments on subscriptions
from “Authorize” to “Stripe”. It is essential that we do this. Stripe
provides a very secure service that is complaint with UK and EU banking
security protocols, in addition to providing very secure payments for
USA bank accounts. We are contacting everyone with a subscription still
using Authorize and asking that you update your subscription to Stripe.
This update is very simple to do, we are sending instructions on how to
do this and you will find instructions below this notification. Changing
to Stripe will have no effect on the amount the subscription costs.

We will be stopping all payments by Authorize in 4 weeks (Nov 8, 2022). If you have
not updated your subscription before then we will be unable to take
payment. If you need any support or help updating your subscription
please contact Colette at, or myself at

Thank you for your continued support and patience with this matter.

Updating Your Payment Method